How to organize a new wheel?

1. Find the place of residence and the nearest vicinity of at least 7 peacekeepers involved in organizing the wheel, ustal termin, time and place of future meetings of the founding circle and notify interested.

2. At a meeting, as its chairman to select the minutes, introduce briefly the aims and objectives of the association and the statutory rules for selection of the board and audit committee wheels (election authorities wheels can be performed in an open vote or secret ballot, management and the audit committee can count on wheels 3 do 7 members).

3. Then send protokolantowi distribution of the declaration states gathered to meet and collect them after completing.

4. Suggest choice of the electoral commission (at least three people). Members of the electoral commission can not stand up to the authorities of the wheel. Election Commission appoints a chairperson, which resembles the rules for nominating candidates and vote, and elections are conducted. Chairman of the electoral committee reads the minutes of the election.

5. Go along with selected members of the board and audit committee in a separate room, which will be selected in an open ballot holders. Board members elect the President of the wheels, Secretary and Treasurer. In the case of appointment of counting above board 3 people, You can choose the Vice-President. The members of the audit committee shall elect a chairman wheels, Vice-President and Secretary.

6. Read the names of the selected function of the board and audit committee. If you have not selected the Chairman of the Board wheels, the newly elected President of the pass to continue the meeting.

7. A copy of the minutes of the meeting, signed by the chairman of the meeting and the minutes, should be sent to: Board of the Association of the United Nations Peacekeeping Veterans, To the. Independence 141, 02-570 Warsaw. The protocol should include: date and place of the meeting, number of participants in the meeting, elections, list of selected members of the board and audit committee.

8. Before organizing the founding meeting of the wheel, You can write to the Board of the Association (address as above) lub pocztą elektroniczną send to your personal email program, Statute, membership declaration, Regulations of the Association elections, and instructions on financial management and accounting.

Opr. M.D.