Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are:

1/ promoting the integration of the veterans of the mission and to stimulate their activity in social life;

2/ explaining to the public the importance and role of the UN and other international organizations in ensuring peace and security, extinction of conflicts in the world and the building of mutual trust and cooperation;

3/ popularizing, both at home and abroad, achievements and experiences of Poles organized by the international community missions in different parts of the world;

4/ to represent and protect the interests of veterans – members of the Association to the State Authorities, administrative and local government and other stakeholders.

5/ action to improve the social and living conditions of members of the Association and their families.

6/ cooperation and collaboration with the departments of National Defence, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs and Administration and the Food Safety Authority. Veterans and Repressed Persons of the objective of the Association;

7/ cooperation and collaboration with international organizations having a similar nature and objectives;

8/ ties and strengthening friendly relationship of mutual respect in their own environment, as well as maintaining relationships with military units and military and civilian institutions;

9/ protection of honor, Veterans honor and dignity of the mission;

10/ organization in consultation with the Headquarters Polish military contingents, assistance to the population in the area mandatowym missions including financial support from the Association;

11/ providing support and financial assistance to veterans and material needed, and their families;

12/ cooperation with scientific institutions, m.in. Ministry of Defence, research on the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations, stabilization and humanitarian, including Polish contingents in those missions.

The program and the main directions of the Association for the years 2007 – 2011.

The program and the main directions of the Association for a period of 2003-2007.