Weterani w Centrum Szkolenia Logistyki w Grudziądzu

On 21 July. Logistics Training Centre them. Casimir I the Restorer in Grudziadz delegation visited the Association of Veterans of United Nations Peacekeeping Vice President of Board, President of Bydgoszcz wheels No. 1 SKMP OnZ Kol. Richard Keller.
Guests in the walls of the Centre welcomed the commander of wz. Lt. Col. Jaroslaw Klos, along with senior center. One of the objectives of the visit was an attempt to resume operations wheels No. 22 SKMP UN in Grudziadz.
During the meeting the veterans presented the organizational structure, destiny, tasks and directions of development of the Centre. The rest of the missionaries visited the training base of technical services Cycle Construction and Operation, where he presented them, m.in. teaching aids used in the science of construction and operation of wheeled vehicles and tracked. Then they were familiar with modern techniques of training logistics professionals.
During the meeting, the president said Keller Commander of the Centre of the environmental problems of veterans and their families, for purposes of the Association and realized and planned projects in Bydgoszcz wheel SKMP UN. The visit was an opportunity to award a membership card and certificate SKMP ONNZ participant in peacekeeping missions to the Lord Lieutenant Colonel Jarosław Kłosowi. At the end of the meeting, Lt. Col. Ear and Col.. Keller exchanged circumstances Gift Shop and the delegation SKMP United Nations has made an entry in the visitor's book center.

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