The ceremonial meeting of members of the Circle No. 16 UN SKMP

14 December 2016 r. odbyło się w Warszawie, w siedzibie Związku Kombatantów RP i Byłych Więźniów Politycznych zebranie członków Koła nr 16 Peacekeeping Veterans Association of the United Nations. Zebraniu przewodniczył prezes Koła Kol. Janusz Gorecki.
The members gathered outside the Circle attended by invited: President of the Board of the United Nations SKMP gene. Dr. Stanislaw Wozniak, Veteran director of the Center Lt. Col. Leszek Stepien, Mayor Ladek Zdroj Roman Kaczmarczyk, Deputy Mayor of the District of Mokotów Warsaw Krzysztof Skolimowski, participant in UN Peacekeeping deputy defense attaché at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, Lt. Col. Michael Dominic Bernardo.
The participants observed a minute of silence in memory of the dead last members of the Circle: Arm. Joseph Smith and the Colossians. George Reczkowicza.
During the meeting discussed the guidelines adopted by the Board of SKMP UN at the last meeting and the resulting tasks for Wheels and members of the Association.
At the request Wheels Board awarded the title of Honorary member of the Association of Kol. Ignacemu Einhorn, who is CEO of Private Health Care in Klodzko, President of Private Health Care "Secura" in Polanica-Zdroj, President of the Foundation "Pro Scient, Pro Arte ", member of the Presidium of the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland, and a board member of the Judaica Foundation Lubuskiej.
Many years of active members and activists wheels were awarded diplomas jubilee. A member of the Association adopted Col.. ground. Darius Zawilińskiego.
In the festive meeting of members of the Circle and invited guests traditionally they shared the wafer and made a wish in connection with Christmas, special wishes, Christmas-New Year's veterans made president of ZG SKMP gene,pl. Wozniak.

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