The meeting with the head of the Inspectorate of Support,pl

On 08 July. Vice President of the Board of the, President of Bydgoszcz wheels No. 1 SKMP OnZ Kol. Richard Keller met with the head of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support gene. brig. dr. Dariusz Łukowski. During the meeting, Col.. Keller said the head of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support the problems of veterans and their families, for purposes of the Association and realized and planned projects wheels SKMP UN in Bydgoszcz. Gen. Lukowski acquainted with the current president of Keller tasks facing the Inspectorate.
Meeting, which was held in a cordial atmosphere was kind opportunity for gene transfer. Łukowskiemu thank you for your support of our social activities and to help achieve the objectives of the part of the Inspectorate support SZ. At the end of the meeting gentlemen exchanged commemorative gift, and a pre-determined date of the next meeting in December.


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