Col. Dr. Andrew Wyszkowski

Andrzej WyszkowskiIt is with deep regret to announce, that on 24 November 2012. gone for eternal service our colleague from the wheel no 33 Krakow S. P. Col. st. buried. Dr. Andrew Wyszkowski. Lived 84 year.
He was an officer of the Berlin Infantry Regiment in Ciech-keepers, 5 Light Artillery Regiment in Chelm. From 1960 he served in the bodies of the West (Military Police now). The Pedagogical University in Krakow, he defended his doctoral thesis with the title of Doctor of Humanities. After completing his military service he worked professional, as an assistant professor at the Center for Teacher Training in Krakow, and ds wicekurator. New defense Sącz. Participant in the peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, from 2000 , a member of the United Nations SKMP, Wheels for many years Vice President of Kraków. For exemplary military service, work in education and social activities awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish and many state awards and departmental.
Hi His Memory