Celebrating 186 the anniversary of the November Uprising,pl

On 25 November. the monument to the fallen in the battle of Olszynka Grochowska, on whose board inscribed "Passerby tell fellow, that fought valiantly and died without fear, but with care in the heart of the fate of the Polish, the fate of future generations - your fate "was held memorial ceremonies 186 anniversary of the outbreak of the November Uprising and the heroes of the battle.
The ceremony was organized by the District Office Prague-East they participated residents Grochowa, youth from several schools of Prague-East, scouts and representatives of the Council of Warsaw, District Council, boards of districts Rembertów Wawer and Prague-West. Also present were representatives of veterans, seniors and many non-governmental organizations operating in the Prague-East. The ceremony was attended delegation of veterans from south-wheel ZKRPiBWP Prague and the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions represented the Vice President of the Board of the Col.. Waldemar Wojtan.
November Uprising 1830-1831 was a national uprising directed against Russia. It lasted from 29 XI 1830 until October,pl 1831. Covered coverage Kingdom Polish, Lithuania, part of Ukraine and Belarus. They were provoked m.in. violation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of 1815 and repression of clandestine associations and organizations. His defeat led to the autonomy of the Polish Kingdom and the intensification of national oppression in all annexations.

Photos: Dariusz Kujawa i Renata Paprzycka,en.

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