Our colleague needs help - do not be left alone!

Member of Bydgoszcz Wheels No. 1 SKMP OnZ Kol. Grzegorz Sieradzki urgent need of our help. Gregory was a professional soldier, He participated in six missions: 26 months he served in Lebanon under the UN flag (UNIFIL) and 13 months in Afghanistan.
After the end of service and retirement, in January 2014 when the first symptoms of the disease: uncoordinated hand movements, even for simple activities.
Doctors long time could not find the cause. Proper diagnosis put only neurologist: SLA, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
This incurable disease, which attacks and shuts another muscle group.
It was getting harder to move him. After a few months, they started breathing problems. Drug SLA yet, Although, not invented, but Gregory has a chance on an experimental treatment involving the implantation of cells jelly Whortona. He would like to use it, because the chance of winning with the disease.
The barrier is the cost: one treatment will cost about 20 thousand. zł, as needed, at least three!
Gregory lives in plant care and nursing in Bydgoszcz and the entire pension is dedicating to stay in the plant. A severe and costly rehabilitation.
Accordance with the law, Polish army can not provide financial support based on the "Law on veterans…"Because the disease is not related to the service of the missions (Unfortunately, it would be difficult to find an expert, who could prove this link mission-disease). It remains to sacrifice social and people of good will.
Appeal for help for Gregory is widely epiglottis media and hope, it necessary for surgery money will be collected in the coming days.
Monika Pyrek, Piotr Gruszka, Cezary Zak, Francis Pieczka, Marcin Gortat, Lukas Piszczek, Krzysztof Holowczyc, Adam Malysz, Paul Papke and many other wonderful people supports and promotes the action #walkaweterana.
Board SKMP UN with modest financial resources will support Col.. Gregory grant, also we appeal to all members and supporters of the Association for solidarity and join the relief Colleague. Enough, that all the ladies after a few pounds and easily gather the missing funds. The execution is very simple.
Just "go" on the website: https://pomagam.pl/walkaweterana.
Gregory is not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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