Colleague BUCZAK departed for eternal guard,pl

It is with deep regret to announce, that 12 July 2019 r., after a long and severe illness,,pl,years our colleague st,,pl,Alfred BUCZAK,,en,member of the circle,,pl,he served in the United Nations UNDOF peace mission in Syria as the commander of the car team,,pl,The funeral ceremony will take place on the day,,pl,at the Bródno Cemetery in Warsaw in a brick church,,pl,We offer words of sincere compassion to the family who are in sorrow,,pl, he left for eternal guard in age,,pl,our colleague colonel in st,,pl,resting Stanisław DUDZIŃSKI,,pl,founding member of the wheel no,,pl,SKMP OUR,,nl,Soldier of the Polish Army,,pl,Lawyer by education,,pl,& nbsp; Participated in the development team organizational documents,,pl,Statute of the Association,,pl,and later amendments to the Statute,,pl,he participated in the International Commission Control and Surveillance in Laos,,pl,Decorated with many medals,,pl,We lose in the deceased good friend and colleague,,pl,The farewell ceremony will take place in day,,pl,oo at the Funeral Home & nbsp; Powązki Military,,pl,The burial will take place on The cemetery in Zielonka,,pl,Honesty We put our compassion in the sadness of the family,,pl,on the International Day of Participants UN Peace Missions,,pl 79 lat nasz Kolega st. choir. the st. buried. Alfred BUCZAK. Żołnierz Wojska Polskiego, członek koła nr 16 UN SKMP, between 1979-1980 służył w misji pokojowej ONZ UNDOF w Syrii jako dowódca drużyny samochodowej. Odznaczony wieloma medalami. W zmarłym tracimy dobrego Kolegę i Przyjaciela.

Ceremonia pogrzebowa odbędzie się dnia 18 July 2019 r. at 10.30 na Cmentarzu Bródnowskim w Warszawie w Kościele murowanym. Wyrazy szczerego współczucia składamy pogrążonej w smutku Rodzinie.

Hi His Memory!

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