50th Anniversary of the School in Pulawy,pl

On 24 November 2016 It was held the 50th anniversary of the Primary School No. 6 in the. Polish Airmen in Pulawy. The ceremony began with Holy Mass in the parish church of the Divine Mercy, after which all participants went to the house where the Chemist pm. 10.00 began the official part of the ceremony.
To which came many students and graduates of the school, current and former teachers and staff niepedagogiczni and invited guests among them Mrs. Deputy Mayor Pulawy Ewa Wojcik.
Fact, the patron of the facility are Polish pilots made, that there were also representatives of the Polish Army. She was a military band, and among the guests were m.in. gen. Ryszard Hać – director of the Air Force Museum in Deblin, Lt. Col. Andrzej Jaworski – Director of School School of Aviation, as well as military representing 4. Wing Aviation School and representatives of unions and associations of veterans and veterans.
Act of decorations Banner School of the Cross "Merit for ZKRPiBWP" made the president of the Board of the Polish Veterans and Former Political Prisoners, Colonel Ph.D.. Richard Sobierajski accompanied by the presidents of the Lublin Provincial Board Henry Czerkas and dęblińskiego Wheels Miroslaw Błażejczyk.
The school and its employees heard congratulations, thanks and appreciation for many years of educational activities and educational outstanding educational achievements, and shaping the characters of the young generation. Best regards and wishes of the broad prospects for development. For this extraordinary honor thanked the Director Elizabeth Wirga, honored with a commemorative medal.
After the official part in the verbal-musical for a wide range of meeting occurred schoolchildren. All participants were very impressed with the performance. The ceremony ended with refreshments for all participants. The Association for the ceremony represented the Vice President of ZG SKMP UN Col.. Waldemar Wojtan.

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