In 2003 r. coincides with several anniversaries related to the participation of Poles in the United Nations peacekeeping missions and other international organizations. First of all, replace 50 years of participation in the commission of Korean, and 30 Summer participation dense branches of the Polish Army in missions. In the period from 1953 r. Poles participated in more than 60 operations undertaken by the United Nations and other international organizations for peacemaking, consolidating peace enforcement, or even the most inflammatory foci in the conflict in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Peacekeepers perform their duties mandated mostly during ongoing hostilities, or after the conclusion of the truce, which often is not respected by the parties to the conflict. The result is a constant threat to life and health of the people. Especially dangerous are minefields, and new measures to combat.

During the service in the interest of peace 49 Polish soldiers were killed. Many more suffered permanent disability. An eloquent example of a disability officer in Afghanistan and terrifying in their pronunciation of Lt. Col. Szewczyk death in Tajikistan. These and other well-known examples clearly show the scale and continuity of risk for all participants in the mission. These are typical conditions of War, therefore, the Polish Foreign Ministry, recently considered such areas as the Balkans, Middle East and Cambodia as a war zone.

Among the European countries, which, like Poland have a long tradition in peacekeeping missions, veterans such missions generally are considered combatants. The French Republic Act provisions 4 January 1993 r. participants in peacekeeping missions granted similar rights as victims ³ n veterans of World War. Similar arrangements exist in Belgium, The Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

Veterans also recognized the World Federation, that peacekeeping veterans are veterans of international organizations, introducing change in its Articles of Association. Polish law does not yet covered veteran status peacekeepers. Did not receive a war invalid status these participants mission, who in the performance of duties outside the country in the interests of international peace, suffered permanent disability.

It appears, Poles that chlubnemu participation in UN peacekeeping missions and other international organizations ł save their new pages of history of our country – what you said proudly President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski = should be accompanied by changes in applicable laws – for veterans and the military and military inwalidach.

It's time, by legal solutions, applicable in other NATO countries with equivalent traditions participate in peacekeeping missions, have been adopted by the Polish parliament, thus giving recognition and proof of their activities concern the Polish authorities about these, who proudly represented her in the world and did not spare the life and health to fulfill its international obligations and its allies, and contribute to the maintenance of international peace.

Peacekeepers were counting on the understanding of the pp. Members (Senators) having statutory regulations as soon as possible.