History of the Society

20th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CALL FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF Veterans of UN Peace Peacekeeping,,pl,In May,,pl,is the 20th anniversary of the establishment in Warsaw,,pl


W maju 2019 roku mija XX rocznica powołania w Warszawie Peacekeeping Veterans Association of the United Nations. This fact was conditioned by a number of objective events, but the most important was the feeling of the need for the establishment of a "community experience"[1] born in peacekeeping missions.

Polish involvement in missions and peacekeeping operations under the interstate agreements (between 1953 – 1973) and / or the mandate of international organizations (when 1973 r.) is a glorious page in the history of the Polish army. Polish soldiers, police officers and civilian experts in areas were the most inflammatory foci conflicts at all contingents. Next to the satisfaction of a job well done, responsible task also appeared unintentional, but difficult to accept the loss - in peacekeeping missions only 1999 he killed dozens of soldiers and civilians, and many others returned to the mandated areas of damage to health.


Initial discussions probing the possibility of establishing social organization peacekeepers were conducted by a group of peacekeepers in the spring 1998 year in the Department of Foreign Affairs Military. The initiative was recognized and supported by the Ministry of Defence, what probably also by the strength of the World Federation of Veterans Resolutions adopted at a meeting in Seoul (15.11.1997 r.) on the extension of the term "veteran" on peacekeepers. Acceleration of conceptual work in the spring and summer 1998 resulted in the first year of taking concrete action organization - appointment 28 October 1998 7-year partnership with the Initiative Group, led by Gen.. Maj.. ground. Dr. Roman Misztal (b. head of UNDOF) in the composition of:

  • Boleslaw Izydorczyk - Deputy Head of Group;
  • Jozef Kowalczyk - Secretary of the Group;
  • Tadeusz Cepaka;
  • Bernard Woźniecki;
  • ks. Marek Major;
  • Miroslaw Dąbrzalski.

Further work organizational and conceptual led to the organization of 23 brand 1999 the meeting 55 participants in various peacekeeping missions (Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Syria, Namibia, Cambodia, b. Yugoslavia) and separation of the Founding Committee composed of:

– Tadeusz Cepaka;
– Miroslaw Dąbrzalski;
– Jozef Kowalczyk;
– Czeslaw Marcinkowski;
– ks. Marek Major;
– Ewa Poznan;
– Zbigniew Prokopczuk;
– Bernard Woźniecki.

On the basis of prepared and submitted to the District Court in Warsaw documents (m.in. statutes of the future association) on 31 May 1999 year Peacekeeping Veterans Association of the United Nations was registered in section A, item. RST 3713 obtaining
NCR 0000180838.

This fact allowed the organization to take further steps m.in. for the preparation of the I National Congress of the Association, which took place 10 September in the Polish Army in Warsaw. Among the guests of honor were m.in. Senator - Col. Wieslaw Pietrzak, Member of the Supreme Council of the World Federation of Veterans - Colonel in st. buried. prof. Michael Chilczuk, Director of the Office of the Committee. Veterans and Victims of Oppression - Ph.D.. Luke Kaczynski, head of the Department of Budget "Peace Mission" - Colonel Kazimierz M. Sobek. Crowd of several thousand peacekeepers represented around 100 people (including 9 ladies) from different garrisons.
National Congress of the Association was the culmination of previous efforts, but also the opening of a new stage for action related to the implementation of statutory objectives, including the construction of regional structures of the Association (off-road wheels, section problem, clubs). These tasks were laid on the Main Board composition:

– President of ZG – gene brew. ground. Dr. Tadeusz Cepaka;
– vice-chairman – Col.. ground. Czeslaw Marcinkowski;
– vice-chairman – Lt. Col. pil. Tadeusz M. Harm;
– secretary-general – Col. st. buried. Miroslaw M. Dąbrzalski;
– treasurer – choir. ground. Zygmunt Stężycki;

and nine people from garrisons - eg: Bielsko-Biala, Bydgoszcz, Kielce, Krakow, Wroclaw, Szczecin. Chairman of the Board of Control was elected lieutenant colonel rez. leak. Tadeusz Puchala.

During the discussion slope confirmed entries in the Articles of Association, the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping is a voluntary, democratic and self-governing organization gathering in their ranks Polish citizens who have full legal capacity and civil rights niepozbawionych (§ 2. point. 1), as well as foreigners living in Poland and meeting the requirements for membership. The aim of the activity of the Association is working actively to integrate environment and represent its interests before state authorities, administration and local government.

On the National Congress of the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions passed "The program and the major activities of the Association”, which became the basis for further activity of the Management Board and the formation of the Association of terrain wheels.


The period after the First National Congress of the Association for about spring 2000 was a period of organizational work on the national framework (Table 1) and establish working relations with the institutions of the Board of the military, veterans' associations and unions, a w tym m.in.:
– visit to the Deputy Minister of Defence (26 October 1999 r.);
– Visit the Main Board of the Association of Former Soldiers and Reserve Officers Professional WP (30 October 1999 r.);
– meeting with representatives of the Board of the World Association of Home Army (17 November 1999 r.);
– working visit in the Federation of Associations of Reservists and Veterans of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (25 November 1999 r.);
– meeting of the General Board of War Veterans Association of the Republic of Poland (6 December 1999 r.);
– kurtuazyjno-working meeting with the leadership of the Department of Social and Educational Defense (8 December 1999 r.);
– Visit of the President of the Board of the Association of Chief of General Staff (8 brand 2000 r.).

Network formation of the Association of wheels UN Peacekeeping Veterans formally began after the National Assembly. Already in September 1999 r. was registered in the first circle the Main Board of the Association – in Bydgoszcz. Basic information about the dynamics of the process of forming national structures are shown in Table 1, which includes a list of 27 garrisons.

Table 1. Information about the network wheels Veterans Association of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in the initial period of the organization

Lp. Garrison Chairman Wheels Data założenia
1. Bydgoszcz Francis OSTROPOLSKI 10.1999
2. Torun Peter ŚMIETANOWSKI 10.1999
3. Jarosław Zbigniew Bros 10.1999
4. Gliwice Tadeusz SWARYCZEWSKI 26.10.1999
5. Wroclaw George BANACH
6. Giżycko
7. Warsaw – Prague Joseph Ożóg 27.11.1999
8. Warsaw – Bemowo Janusz GOROSZCZENKO
9. Bartoszyce Zdzislaw Wojdan 1.12.1999
10. Bialystok Romuald NAUMANOWICZ
11. Kolobrzeg Zbigniew SZYMAŃSKI
12. Rzeszow Roman HAMERLA
13. Krosno Odrzańskie Jan WOJTOWICZ 2000
14. ZAP
15. Warsaw - Downtown Wieslaw crotch
16. Warsaw Ursynów Stephen MOUNTAIN
17. Gdańsk Edward WEJNER
18. Koszalin Jerzy KOWAL 10.02.2000
19. Szczecin Andrew KULBIEL 16.12.2000
20. Poznan Janusz Doroszkiewicz
21. Skierniewice Eugene WISNIOWSKI
22. Grudziądz Jerzy Klit
23. Bielsko-Biala Stanislaw Krawczyk
24. Saw John BEKIERSKI
25. Opole Stanislaw Hładki 6.04.2000
26. Lublin Andrew ŚWIĄTKOWSKI
27. Think Antoni SZYNGLAREWICZ 10.02.2001

Source: own work.

Caution: Having regard to the lack of data in the table, Please contact the author by e-mail (marcinkowski.cz. @ gmail.com) individuals with relevant data in order to complete the missing information.

Closing of the first stage of the development process was the signing of the national structures 6 July 2000 year Agreement on cooperation with Association of Veteran of the United Nations with organizational units of the Ministry of National Defence and subordinate organizational units and supervised by the Minister of National Defence.


In conclusion, it is considered, that the initial period in the organization of the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions (1998 – 2000), including the founding members of the hard work, supporters of the Association and the Board of the created a good foundation for the full success of the fifteenth anniversary.

Marcinkowski Czeslaw, dr Vice President of the Board of the

[1] tooth. conversation with Gen.. brig in st. buried. Dr. Tadeusz Cepakiem, Community experience, "Polish Armed" No. 6, February 2000 r.