According to the agreed tasks to be carried out 2009 The Management Central SKMPONZ introduced to the existing "parameters" of our Association – such as the association badge emblem and a commemorative tie - a new element called:

"Peace Mission's certificate and Stabilisation"

Certificate bears the serial number of the next , has a place to enter a military rank and property, and the names of participants and the area performing a peacekeeping mission or stabilization or all of the dates and places of service. The document bears the stamp of the Board and signed by the President.

On behalf of the President of the document is given to the field SKMPONZ Wheels.

The certificate is awarded only to participants peacekeeping or stabilization and should not be treated as the occasional award for members of other associations, institutions or individuals.

Board Decision whole issues related to records and Distribution w / in the document is a member of ZG. arm. Richard KELLER / Branch No. 1 in Bydgoszcz /. Arm. Keller was given the task of proper documentation and accurate records of certificates granted, provide the necessary information in order to properly fill and care, together with the treasurer about financial security kol.Sąsiadkiem.

The cost of certification is covered off-road wheels with the funds SKMPONZ. Board undertook to inform Prezydim kol.R.Kellera ZG. Board meeting and for each request of the President of the process of granting a commemorative certificate to members of the Association of.

Contact by phone: Ryszard KELLER tlf came. 605625899 lub email r.keller @ op.pl

Along with the documents / certificates / information will be sent to fill in the document and the order numbers of the relevant annex the registration and accounting rules. At the same time I wish to inform ,that are currently in possession of the following differentiators are ZG:

– tie 1 each 25.zł

– certificate 1 pc 3 zł

– badge 1 each 10zł

no bank account … PKO BP 42 1020 1068 0000 1802 0066 2114