The main directions of the Association Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions for years 2016 – 2019

Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions is an organization actively working in our country for over fifteen years. In carrying out its statutory targets Association cooperates with various entities politico-economic scene of domestic and foreign. Not without affecting its operation remains the current situation in the country and the world. It must be assumed, that the planned period, next term, Association activities will be conducted in a different situation than in the past socio-political and military in the country and the world, in particular in Europe. As a result of the conflict in Ukraine and mass migration of Muslim nations permanently changed the European security environment. We can expect, that in Europe could be escalation of conflicts, mainly local authorities and increase the threat of terrorist attacks. This situation will unquestionably have an impact on the activities of the Association and its members. Therefore, we propose to include in the Programme for the period 2016-2019 the following issues:

  1. The Association in the coming term of office should be a place, where he teaches sensitivity to specific situations, open to people's problems, especially to help veterans activities outside the country and to the families of their fallen colleagues. Moreover, it shapes a proper attitude towards arrogance, cwaniactwa, vengefulness, and sometimes stupidity or naivety in action. Veterans of activities outside the country should be those members of society, who, with their attitude and action contribute to positive change habits, Language, work style. This should be done so that all the structures of the UN SKMP (Wheel, Clubs, their managements) They became the way to a new era, that all our actions and forms were more expansive, open to the current situation. To contributed to this positive reception of the part of those, who show their sympathy and support for the Association.
  2. You should energize the, especially in the circles of the UN SKMP, in the pursuit of organizational strengthening the role of the Association in the development of its ranks, so that at the end of the forthcoming mandate, in 2019 year to achieve the greatest number of members. Make all possible efforts in order to expand the network wheels of military garrisons and cities, where they live or serve soldiers, police and civilian specialists, participating or have had in missions abroad, organized by the UN, OSCE, NATO or the EU. Wheels are a vital force of Association. This tire is held core business - they are our strength, which should be aimed to achieve the objectives of Statutory. The Main Board of the Association should to a greater extent stimulate activity and help them wheels, preparing a variety of promotional and informational materials (newsletters, About, Albums, posters, itp.). In addition, the Main Board of the Association shall organize regular meetings with the presidents of wheels, symposiums, national conferences and similar plans aimed at on the one hand doinformować members of the Association, on the other hand present to make SKMP the UN and its members. It should be more widely popularize events organized by the wheels and clubs. There are many valuable projects, which should be disseminated among members of the Association, as well as in the media, on the website of the Association.
  3. The continuously present in different environments goals and objectives of the Association. Invite to join our ranks of veterans of activities outside the country originating from various units and departments - former policemen, civilian specialists also from environments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ABW is also Intelligence Agency, itp., while striving for greater cooperation with associations in the country with similar statutory objectives. Members of these organizations should be invited to meetings, meetings, Conferences, symposiums, and other similar intentions, paying major attention to the characteristics of potentially connecting joint actions, to deepen mutual knowledge and to help needy. In conversations with potential candidates for members of the Association should be emphasized, that joining our ranks such people more easily pursue common objectives, taking into account the achievements and importance in the national and international stage our organization. We strive for greater integration of our activities with their structures and links, undertake joint action. Should strengthen cooperation with other NGOs, including the Federation of Proobronnych, in terms of dissemination of knowledge and awareness of international security and defense system of the country. Involve more members of the UN SKMP patriotic and proobronnych shaping the attitudes of society with special emphasis on projects associated with the celebration of anniversaries of historical events with the participation of Poles. Building on this basis a positive image of the Polish Armed Forces in society, especially among young people.
  4. Increase efforts and the opinion of the Association in promoting the role of the UN and other international organizations in the fight for peace and security in the world and the consolidation of cooperation between the countries in the unloading of international tensions and conflicts. To expand its share in promoting the role and responsibilities Polish, especially the Armed Forces, in peace, humanitarian and stabilization missions of the UN and other international organizations abroad. This is particularly important in the face of Polish efforts to place non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the coming years. For this purpose, in the period 2016 – 2019 organize and conduct an international conference and, each year of the term, a national conference of popular science, which will promote the participation of Poles in international missions abroad as well as drawing attention to the dissemination of experience in this activity of the Polish Army. Arrange as many meetings with the public, especially school children and university students. Moreover, between 2016 – 2017 announce and carry out the IV National Literary Contest on. memories peacekeepers abroad. To organize a contest to invite representatives of the Ministry of Defence cells dealing with mission.
  5. Focus the efforts of the whole community of veterans to further shape the law governing entitlement to increased social welfare provided by the State and easier access to medical services. Seek to simplify the procedure for obtaining permission veterans. Work to shape the statutory provisions and implementing regulations regarding the professional activity, social and veterans' activities of daily living outside the country and their families.
  6. Arrange with the Main Board of the Association of center coordinating aid to veterans missions outside the country and their families. An appeal to military psychologists, educators, educational officers and sociologists for inclusion in this stream of activity. At the same time intensify efforts to veterans easier access to specialized health care and social protection systems. Broader and deeper interest in social and health situation of members of the Association, and especially those aged 70 and more years. Each year those members arrive. To provide adequate records of persons in need. Refer to them with respect and kindness. To ensure their place in our Society remembering their contributions to the country
    and organization. Show memory and care for families of fallen missions, who died after returning to the country, as well as the disabled, itp.
  7. Ensure ceremonial burial of veterans of missions outside the country. For this purpose it is necessary to review the existing rules and possibly develop a uniform (applicable to all veterans) ceremonial burial. Take care, to the burial ceremony participated veteran military assistance. In addition to a greater extent take care of care of the graves of veterans of missions abroad.
  8. Contact with organizational units of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local authorities must maintain permanently. In case of urgent needs should be paid to these entities for assistance. The aid is expected in all environments, especially wheels.
  9. It should also strengthen cooperation with the Centre for Veterans, which is a natural platform for integrating environmental veterans.
    In the broader should be used in base housing and operational capacity Centre. The Association and its members should support by all means the development of infrastructure and operational capabilities Centre. Along with its development should expect increased interest and support from local government and administrative, and which in turn can lead to higher quality of life for veterans.
  10. Multiply efforts in attracting sponsors, donors, and especially write-downs made by our members and their families and friends 1% of their income on realization of the statutory objectives of the Association (public benefit organizations). Activate in this regard especially the activities of wheels, boards of directors and audit committees. Particular emphasis is placed on gaining sponsors, who they are willing to cooperate in the long term and want to enter into appropriate agreements with the Association.