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27. Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego

Today began in Kielce,,pl,It presents the latest armament and military equipment from around the world,,pl,This year's MSPO is marked by the United States National Exhibition,,pl,The Strategic Partner of the fair is Polish Armaments Group,,pl,The exhibition took the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda,,pl,who announced a visit on the first day of the fair,,pl,At the fair presents its products over,,pl,companies from over,,pl,At the stands they are presented,,pl,helicopters,,pl,armored and rocket equipment,,pl,or explosives,,pl,Companies present modern communication technology,,pl,radio-electronic and optoelectronic equipment,,pl,and also food items,,pl,uniforms and medical supplies,,pl 27. Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego. W jego ramach prezentowane jest najnowsze uzbrojenie i sprzęt wojskowego z całego świata. Tegoroczne MSPO upływają pod znakiem Wystawy Narodowej Stanów Zjednoczonych. Partnerem Strategicznym targów jest Polska Grupa … Continue reading

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Colleague BUCZAK departed for eternal guard,pl

It is with deep regret to announce, that 12 July 2019 r., after a long and severe illness,,pl,years our colleague st,,pl,Alfred BUCZAK,,en,member of the circle,,pl,he served in the United Nations UNDOF peace mission in Syria as the commander of the car team,,pl,The funeral ceremony will take place on the day,,pl,at the Bródno Cemetery in Warsaw in a brick church,,pl,We offer words of sincere compassion to the family who are in sorrow,,pl, he left for eternal guard in age,,pl,our colleague colonel in st,,pl,resting Stanisław DUDZIŃSKI,,pl,founding member of the wheel no,,pl,SKMP OUR,,nl,Soldier of the Polish Army,,pl,Lawyer by education,,pl,& nbsp; Participated in the development team organizational documents,,pl,Statute of the Association,,pl,and later amendments to the Statute,,pl,he participated in the International Commission Control and Surveillance in Laos,,pl,Decorated with many medals,,pl,We lose in the deceased good friend and colleague,,pl,The farewell ceremony will take place in day,,pl,oo at the Funeral Home & nbsp; Powązki Military,,pl,The burial will take place on The cemetery in Zielonka,,pl,Honesty We put our compassion in the sadness of the family,,pl,on the International Day of Participants UN Peace Missions,,pl 79 lat nasz Kolega st. choir. the st. buried. Alfred BUCZAK. Żołnierz Wojska Polskiego, członek koła nr 16 UN SKMP, … Continue reading

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The end of the competition "HEROES ARE AMONG US",pl

14 June. w siedzibie Zarządu Głównego ZKRPiBWP w Warszawie odbyło się uroczyste zakończenie drugiej edycji konkursu „BOHATEROWIE SĄ WŚRÓD NAS”. The ceremony was attended: Pan kmdr dypl. Henryk KALINOWSKI – prezes Za­rządu Głównego Związku Kombatantów RP i Byłych Więźniów Politycznych; … Continue reading

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Dzień Weterana w Poznaniu

On 29 May this year. Veteran's Day Activities Outside State – On the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers, Poznań veterans met at the Monument to Wielkopolska Insurgents,,pl,It was carried out in accordance with the military ceremonial with the participation of the honor division of the Land Forces Training Center,,pl,Crown Field Hetman Stefan Czarniecki and the Air Force Representative Orchestra,,pl,Representatives of local self-government took part in it,,pl,Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region and the Mayor of Poznań,,pl,representatives of the army and all other uniformed services as well as members of the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions and other organizations associating former soldiers,,pl,Veteran's Day,,pl. The ceremony was organized by Poznan Circle No. 20 Stowarzyszenia Kombatantów Misji Pokojowych Organizacji Narodów … Continue reading

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Warszawskie obchody Dnia Weterana

29 May this year. w Międzynarodowym Dnia Uczestników Misji Pokojowych ONZ, Veteran's Day of Activities Outside the State Borders,,pl,members The Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions from the Warsaw Circles paid homage dead and fallen colleagues,,pl,on the territory of the Museum of the Polish Army delegation she laid a wreath in front of the obelisk "In tribute to the soldiers of the Polish Army killed in peacekeeping missions,,pl,of which there are urns with earth from all places where they died on missions Polish soldiers,,pl, członkowie Stowarzyszenia Kombatantów Misji Pokojowych ONZ z Kół warszawskich oddali hołd zmarłym i poległym kolegom. The hours. 1000 na terenie Muzeum WP delegacja złożyła … Continue reading

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