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Dzień Weterana w Poznaniu

On 29 May this year. Veteran's Day Activities Outside State – On the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers, Poznań veterans met at the Monument to Wielkopolska Insurgents,,pl,It was carried out in accordance with the military ceremonial with the participation of the honor division of the Land Forces Training Center,,pl,Crown Field Hetman Stefan Czarniecki and the Air Force Representative Orchestra,,pl,Representatives of local self-government took part in it,,pl,Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region and the Mayor of Poznań,,pl,representatives of the army and all other uniformed services as well as members of the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions and other organizations associating former soldiers,,pl,Veteran's Day,,pl. The ceremony was organized by Poznan Circle No. 20 Stowarzyszenia Kombatantów Misji Pokojowych Organizacji NarodówContinue reading

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Warszawskie obchody Dnia Weterana

29 May this year. w Międzynarodowym Dnia Uczestników Misji Pokojowych ONZ, Veteran's Day of Activities Outside the State Borders,,pl,members The Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions from the Warsaw Circles paid homage dead and fallen colleagues,,pl,on the territory of the Museum of the Polish Army delegation she laid a wreath in front of the obelisk "In tribute to the soldiers of the Polish Army killed in peacekeeping missions,,pl,of which there are urns with earth from all places where they died on missions Polish soldiers,,pl, członkowie Stowarzyszenia Kombatantów Misji Pokojowych ONZ z Kół warszawskich oddali hołd zmarłym i poległym kolegom. The hours. 1000 na terenie Muzeum WP delegacja złożyłaContinue reading

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A friend of DUDZINSKI departed for eternal guard,pl

It is with deep regret to announce, that 23 May 2019 r. he left for eternal guard in age,,pl,our colleague colonel in st,,pl,resting Stanisław DUDZIŃSKI,,pl,founding member of the wheel no,,pl,SKMP OUR,,nl,Soldier of the Polish Army,,pl,Lawyer by education,,pl,& nbsp; Participated in the development team organizational documents,,pl,Statute of the Association,,pl,and later amendments to the Statute,,pl,he participated in the International Commission Control and Surveillance in Laos,,pl,Decorated with many medals,,pl,We lose in the deceased good friend and colleague,,pl,The farewell ceremony will take place in day,,pl,oo at the Funeral Home & nbsp; Powązki Military,,pl,The burial will take place on The cemetery in Zielonka,,pl,Honesty We put our compassion in the sadness of the family,,pl,on the International Day of Participants UN Peace Missions,,pl 89 lat nasz Kolega płk w st. spoczynku Stanisław DUDZIŃSKI. From 1999 r. członek-założyciel koła nr 16 UN SKMP. Żołnierz Wojska Polskiego. Z wykształcenia prawnik. … Continue reading

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The veterans celebrated the victory,pl

On 8 maja br., w 74-rocznicę podpisania aktu bezwarunkowej kapitulacji przez nazistowskie Niemcy, przed Grobem Nieznanego Żołnierza na Placu Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego w Warszawie, odbyła się uroczystość patriotyczna, której celem było uczczenie odniesionego przed laty zwycięstwo i uhonorowanie pamięciContinue reading

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Mate Tuesday went to the eternal guard,pl

With deep regret to inform,,pl,that left an eternal worth our colleague S. P,,pl,Maria SOSNOWSKA,,en,longtime member of the Board Circle No.,,pl,Warsaw-Bemowo,,pl,S. P,,pl,Mrs. Maria was a veteran of missions UNEF II,,pl,The funeral will be held on,,pl,Tuesday,,pl,North Cemetery after a service in the chair,,pl,in the chapel near the Church of St.,,pl,Ignatius Street,,pl,Kazimierz Wóycicki 14a,,pl,Hi Her Memory,,pl, that on 26 April., po ciężkiej chorobie – odszedł na wieczną wartę, at the age of 88 lat wieloletni członek koła nr 16 Our Association Col. in st,,pl,resting Kazimierz. TUESDAY,,pl,soldier of the Polish Army,,pl,& nbsp; In years,,pl,served in the International Control and Supervision Commission in Vietnam,,pl,he was an active member and a longtime treasurer of the wheel no,,pl,In the deceased, we lose a good friend and colleague,,pl,at the Southern Antoninow Cemetery,,pl,On behalf of the Main Board of the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions - son Mirosław,,pl,grandson Piotr and the rest of the family - we express our condolences,,pl,May this year,,pl,on the 74th anniversary of the signing of an act of unconditional surrender by Nazi Germany,,pl,in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Marshal Józef Piłsudski Square in Warsaw,,pl,there was a patriotic ceremony,,pl. spoczynku Kazimierz WTOREK, żołnierz Wojska Polskiego.  W latach … Continue reading

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